I just realized that it's been a decade since I started dating.
Way to feel old. Oh well. Here's a list of firsts:

(in autobiographical order)

First fictional book character I was afraid for
Peter Rabbit

First racist moment I can remember
was when I was placed in English as a Second Language 
(as opposed to English Language Development) classes
from kindergarten to second grade
when my first language is English. 
I was born in Los Angeles. Go figure. Messed up much?

First crush on a real life, non-celebrity person
was on a little blonde boy named Dan in my first grade class.
I'm sure the rationale behind this crush was purely shallow
because I didn't know him then and I still don't know him now.

First theater screening I can remember
Housesitter (1992)
Why did we watch this?
Why didn't we just watch Tim Burton's Batman Returns (1992) instead?

First favorite food that I ate too much of 
and then got sick of / threw up from 
and now I hate it
peanut butter

First cassette tape
Amy Grant's "Baby Baby"
It's annoying how much that title reminds of Justin Bieber.

First "sport" I was really into
Four square.
I sucked at cat's cradle
and was mediocre at punch ball
but I ruled at four square.

First book series I finished
Nancy Drew Mystery Stories (the original 56 books on Nancy Drew)

First fictional filmic character
that frightened the bejesus out of me
The Mask (1994)

First album
Mariah Carey's Daydream received on my birthday in fifth grade.
Due to the influence of my older sister, I used to worship Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston (Yes, I remember The Bodyguard (1992). It sparked my habit of singing into a hair brush, dancing, and prancing around my bedroom.

Yes, I danced and sang along to Ace of Base then too (thanks, Val).

First concert
*NSYNC at the Rose Bowl in 7th grade

First time I got hit on
was around a camp fire during band/orchestra camp.
Of course I didn't realize it then because
I was cold and hiding from another boy
and so I surrounded myself with other teens playing mafia.

First television series I started watching from start to finish
Desperate Housewives

First kiss
not worth discussing.
Have you noticed that every romantic physical first is always awkward(ly bad)?

First alcoholic drink
Polar Bear.
I really wish it was an appletini instead but it wasn't.


RamblingHutch said...

I love your random categories. And 'Nsync was my first concert too! I saw them twice and then I didn't really see another concert until Social Distortion about 7 or 8 years later, haha!

cookie.monsterette said...

Same here - I didn't see another concert 'til college to see Rufus Wainwright. Good times :D