Kyle Chandler: Love the Way You Coach

In anticipation of Friday Night Lights' final season starting soon, I've decided to pay a short and sweet tribute to Kyle Chandler. It's already great enough that there's some fantastic writing in FNL (best lame teen pick-up line ever: "I feel closer to God when I'm with you"), and then... there's Kyle Chandler, playing Coach Eric Taylor. Don't be fooled by his mesmerizing far-off stares and his puppy-dog eyes; that man will tell you what's what and what position to play in football... and how. As a firm, direct, honest, and wise (too many adjectives, perhaps? haha) coach, he not only wins his team's respect but also our affection/admiration for him as viewers. With a killer combo of being an awesome coach and great family man with endearing eyes and some pretty compelling speeches, how can you lose with Kyle Chandler in FNL? Answer: You can't. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

Chandler as Eric Taylor, dozing off on his tot's teddy bear.
Do you see a resemblance between the two?

Chandler in some puppet action

an earlier edition of Kyle Chandler in Early Edition
I love a man who reads ;)


RamblingHutch said...

I promise to watch it! It sounds amazing. They're on my Netflix instant watch queue right this second.

Annah said...

He's a cutie. Have only seen the show once but it's full of hotties.

In your words "nom nom nom"