Don Lockwood's Lucky Day

March 24th in Singin' in the Rain (1952)

Today is a lovely day because it's my sister's birthday and she's x years young. Not only is she older than me (the age difference is apparent when you ask both of us whether we remember the Regal Beagle) but she looks younger than me - perhaps because she is shorter than me? or maybe it's her cute button nose that I lack? If you compared her current photos with the ones taken from middle school, she looks kind of the same except with a shorter, trendier haircut and her 90s plaid shirts are now replaced with a chic modern wardrobe, adorned with pretty prints and colors (yes, sometimes I borrow her clothes and vice versa). So when she was pregnant with bebe B over 3 years back, the nurse thought she was delivering bad news of pregnancy to an Asian teenager (silly nurse).

The awesome thing about her birthday is that it also happens to be Don Lockwood's lucky day in Singin' in the Rain (1952):
Don: Fellas, I feel this is my lucky day, March 23rd.
Cosmo: Your lucky day's the 24th.
Don: What do you mean the 24th? 
Cosmo: It's 1:30 already. It's morning! 
Kathy: Yes. And what a lovely morning!
So happy birthday, sis ♥!! ju ni sheng ri kuai! ¡feliz cumpleaños! bon anniversaire! 
Also here's some pretty tunes on getting old or staying young for ya if you're feeling old and want to feel younger:

hellogoodbye's "Getting Older

Lenka's "We Will Not Grow Old"

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