La Vie en Technicolor?

The reason why I love watching films like The Red Shoes (1948), All That Heaven Allows (1955), and Heaven Can Wait (1943) is because vibrant, gorgeous colors in Technicolor pictures such as those give me warm fuzzies as I stare at the screen in awe. Sometimes I really wish I had a BluRay player so I can watch those films properly, but then again, part of me is convinced that DVDs and BluRay discs will eventually become obsolete and be replaced by smaller, even more compact data storage devices like USBs. Part of the reason why I love Technicolor is because I love beautiful things and when you see color like that on film, it makes you understand why someone like Todd Haynes would emulate that visual style in Far from Heaven (2002) or why the people who worked on Pushing Daisies (2007-2009) used such exaggerated bright colors; I'm guessing they do it because candy-colored visuals trigger a sense of wonderment in people.

Pushing Daisies
It's a pity that it only lasted for 2 seasons :0/

Since we don't live in a Technicolor world, and of course most of us aren't rich, we find beauty in the simple things in life. For example, as someone who likes collecting quotes, and listing movies watched and books read in notebooks, I try to purchase notebooks that I find visually stimulating or at least decently pretty. Here are 3 out of 4 notebooks I use regularly:

I only ordered something once or twice from Turner Classic Movies and ever since, I've been getting mail from them. This is a mini catalog I got from them recently that I thought had an especially nice holiday cover. The focus is on Jean Harlow because I love her and she happens to be one of my Classic Hollywood female favorites ^-^.

I woke up and found myself with a sore throat this morning and so I've been drinking lots and lots of tea (pictured is Stash's strawberry pomegranate herbal red tea below) in my childhood Snow White cup. The reason why I have this cup instead of the Sleeping Beauty one that my sister has is because my parents used to call me Snow White in Cantonese when I was a little girl. Before puberty reared its ugly head, I had hair as black as ebony and fair, snow white skin (also meaning that I was a pale little kid).

I confess, this post turned out to be an excuse to indulge myself and have fun taking pretty pictures of things around my room, including these pjs, but isn't it so much more pleasant to surround yourself with brightly (hopefully not tacky) colored things, even if they're tiny little things?

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