The Hollow Leg Says Hello

Hello, dear readers. I'm the Cookie Monsterette-a fellow foodie, who doesn't exactly cook fantastically like Bree Hodge, but knows what she likes to eat and watches a little too much Food Network sometimes. I don't exactly remember this, but my dad used to tell this story over and over: when I was a little kid, my family and I went to a diner up NorCal, and I drank so much all-you-can-eat soup that the waitress decided to bring out a whole crock of soup for me to drink. So yes, one of the many things I do love eating is soup. My favorites include tomato soup, clam chowder, and hot and sour soup.

Anyways, as far as I know, even with all this uncertainty of when my current (f)unemployment will come to an end, there is one thing that I know for sure-that delish food brings a smile to my face, that nice tea lattes warm my heart momentarily, and that movies or TV shows like
Waitress (2007) or Pushing Daisies (2007-2009) make me crave for pies like madcakes. So I'll try to keep it simple and have this blog revolve around the one thing that I have a consistent and stable relationship with: food.

So let's eat and be merry :)