me want cookie! AWWWWM-nom-nom-nom-nom

The kitchen smells sweet and amazin'. This afternoon I helped my sister make chocolate chip cookies in between washing dishes. I swear I only had 3 cookies, mainly to make sure they were fully cooked. My sis bought a giant bar of bitter sweet Belgian dark chocolate from Fresh & Easy (I'm sure it was cheaper that way) so she had to cut up little chunks of chocolate. It was messy. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to put a ring on that hand, but she kept it on anyways. She got the recipe from her boss and it was supposed to make 45-50 cookies (which it did), but we didn't know how big to make the cookie dough clumps. It looks fine here: but the first batch we made looked like this (lawl): To me, it looked like a cookie beehive design. The other 2 batches came out fine though. I like how the first batch of giant cookie mass looks like it could be some stone floor outside.
Well, the cookies taste great! Nice and gooey and all. Cookie Monster bebe and Elmo bebe both agree :)

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