Some Like It Hot

I ran out of leftovers today so I felt like having a low maintenance hot and sour soup for lunch. Sometimes Hong Kong-style restaurants add bits and pieces of meat into their hot and sour soup but I usually like to keep mine simple sans meat so that I don't feel too bloated by the time I'm done eating my soup. I like using Knorr's hot and sour soup mix because it's really flavorful (extra hot for me s.v.p! :D) and their other products have also been consistently good to use, especially their chicken bouillon.

Since I love the texture of enoki mushrooms (one of my friends calls 'em "leggy mushrooms"), I decided to chop some up and add that to the soup.
I also added cilantro to the mix cause it goes so well with hot and sour soup (fantastic in West Lake beef soup too! Yes. Cilantro's my favorite herb ^^). Cilantro's such a dirty connard so I usually take a little longer to wash it beforehand.

I was hungrier than normal today (don't hate me cause I'm a fatty @ heart! :P) so somehow my hot and sour soup turned into a ramen-soup combo, which worked well because curly ramen soaks up the flavor of whatever broth or soup you put it in. After mixing everything together, including eggs for that egg flower soup look,
this is how my yummy hot and sour soup turned out:

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