wah. SO full from dim sum.

For most Saturdays, my family likes to go out and eat Chinese food for lunch; more than 40% of the time, they either go eat dim sum @ a place nearby or they order dim sum to eat @ home. I use the word they a lot because I don't always go with them, especially if I can't manage to get myself up on a Saturday morning ^^;;. (What a lazy arse, right?) Anyways, we had dim sum today at a place where workers knew my mom as Chu tai (Mrs. Chu) and asked questions like "Oh, is this your youngest daughter?" (c'est moi!) or "awww... your grandson is soo cute (gong dut yi-aaah)!!" (Oh, and he is, believe me.) This is all in Cantonese of course. To me, they are just nice "aunties" pushing hot carts of food. I smile. I answer questions. I eat and hope they don't notice I have trouble using chopsticks... cause I'm a total twinkie and it shows-especially when I avoided eating a small piece of slippery pork because I can't pick it up with my chopsticks and so my sister handed me my nephew's plastic fork instead ^^ll. Oh the shame. haha. I'll live :D.

The good thing about eating with my nephew (to me he's "bebe B," or as I like to call him sometimes "hey kid") is that he likes to eat and when he does, he has this expression of "ohhhh yeaaaah" cause he enjoys his food so much (Amanda's a witness to this). So the usual suspects during dim sum for me are ha gow (shrimp dumplings pictured above to the right) and shumai; a lot of times I would crave egg tarts but I didn't see any this time :(. I don't usually like red bean desserts but my bro-in-law likes this gelatin red bean dessert:
Honestly I enjoy vegetarian food (I cannot count how many times I wished there was a Veggie Grill in Pasadena), but I can't see myself turning into a vegetarian, mostly because I grew up eating things with bones like chicken feet here:
It was extra nice today cause we had lobster yee-mein (I don't know how many calories that thing is and I really don't want to know what it's doing to my cholesterol level, but I know it makes my tummy happy ^^).

One of the things I do love is this type of Asian bun, which is pineapple cha xiu bao. There's really no pineapple in it at all but I guess it's called that because of the yellow stuff on top of the bun.

Yes. I stuff my face with it. I stuff my face with it cause it's soo good - so good that my glasses are crooked when my sister took a picture of me being a gluttonous whore. Oh the wonders of dim sum. That's happiness stuffed into a bun right there. I wish I didn't look like a chipmunk eating her bun, but I do. I'm sure Chip 'n Dale would be happy to be friends with me eating awesome buns like these.

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Jess, here is an explanation for the Pineapple bun!